Topic: Using i3 window manager??


I have decided to give i3 window manager a try... I have downloaded it and other components...
The way i start it is startx from tty prompt, then i type i3 and well...
When i type startx there is only terminal that starts... I am not sure where to configure xinitrc so as soon as i type startx it will get into i3

But i would prefer to log in to i3 automatically without typing password in loging manager or startx
But basically all i get after typic startx and i3 is this:

I can move windows left and right but not up and down... Also there is nothing like background... If i close everyapp i get terminal full screened...
So i am not sure what to configure so i can have desktop that looks like this: http://www.gnu.org/distros/screenshots/hyperbola-i3.png

Thanks :-)


Re: Using i3 window manager??

Okay i managed to set up the wallpaper on startup wink
i just type startx /usr/bin/i3 and it's ok...

Also i set up somethng i dont know how and now whenever i open new application i can see it on top of the screen like this:

I think i like it very much wink. I can see clearly what windows i have opened!!!

I wonder what difference compton can make...
It is pretty amazing!!!


Re: Using i3 window manager??

ok sorry i figured it out...

all i have to do is to press mod key + shift + space when i have some window open
That will make windows look like on 2nd pic :-).

It's nice here!!! I feel like a hacker of my own computer smile.