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So i am having libreboot laptop with hyperbola encrypted installation on it :-). I managed to set up some simple openbox desktop with tint2/conky/firetools and wallpaper (feh).
Now i know there are lots of things to discover but i am simply bored and can't find some interesting 'things to do'...

In the past i used to play lots of time consuming proprietary games that simply consume time for nothing. I spent hours and hours playing mmorpgs and listening to music...
Now i decided to go for 100% libre software and stick with hyperbola, avoid gnu/linux distros that have proprietary software in their repositories (let's say stuff like java and firefox). Also reduce using android smartphone to minimum...

So i have also installed some power saving packages... I bought new battery for my libreboot (6600mAh), acpi tells me it can hold 5 hours of web browsing....

I'd like to get addicted from 'doing something' on my libreboot machine with Hyperbola installed but i can't find this smile. I like reading, but i don't know any nice websites that write about free software.
The thing is that i have nice cd player by my laptop, so i play some cd's and would like to spend some time computing too in the same time but i don't know how so i turn the music off and laptop and things r boring too...

It seems like i can't get hooked to games like wesnoth or 0ad... Writing some scripts??
So far i only edited menu.xml from openbox and autostart lol...
I managed few services, i have got T500 libreboot laptop with battery that can last for hours... I wish i'd be able to go to some park and do some stuff on libreboot offline.
Wesnoth consumes some battery... Some power saving games???

I feel quite lonely, cuz there is literally noone around me that doesn't use youtube/windows10/facebook and you know...
I only know few websites to go on web...

Maybe somebody can give me some inspirations and motivation to keep using hyperbola, because i am pretty dumb in terms of computing... Using distro like Hyperbola is good for learning computing, but any forms of entertainment available here??? What do you do to entertain yourself when you're using machine with Hyperbola?? :-)


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Re: Using 100% gnu endorsed distro - boring??

well im had been a linux gamers myself in the past, there is actually much to discover even in 100% libre distro if you willing to spend your time to dig information about it.

Some really fun games im recommend: neverball, supertux, supertuxkart, blobwars, armagetronad, frozen-bubble, astromenace, chromium-bsu, 0ad

More to discover:

Being creative is very good too, try learn and use this:
rosegarden, gimp, inkscape, kdenlive

Learning and hacking programs is very fun to once you know the deliciousness of it, 100% lbre distro is like the fun park of those geeks user. So much fun that leads this into hobby.


Re: Using 100% gnu endorsed distro - boring??

Thank you for this helpful post :-). I'll check all these programs... I have already installed neverball haha funny game.

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Re: Using 100% gnu endorsed distro - boring??

First things first: Hyperbola is full with possibilities. You could start with Minetest for building your own world - the package here is quite perfect fitting. Next on the personal level: I'm using creative tools like dikasp2 has written, GIMP, Inkscape, kdenlive and more. Creating wallpapers for example with Inkscape is nice. Gaming itself: You have therefore also an own thread. smile

In general it depends what you want to do with the system. Gaming with older classics? As mentioned already: No further problems. With ScummVM, ResidualVM, DOSBox and Wine there are many possibilities. And this doesn't include emulation of gaming consoles with Mednaffe for example. The question is: What is your personal favorite? Playing with others? Well, there are also possibilities. And when some packages need a newer building pipeline: https://forums.hyperbola.info/viewtopic.php?id=352

Besides that you can also create your own infrastructure with services. Hyperbola is fitting perfectly for that!

Human being in favor with clear principles and so also for freedom in soft- and hardware!

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Re: Using 100% gnu endorsed distro - boring??

I would wager that most of my time is spent "perfecting" a window manager, these
days which JWM (Joe's Window Manger), I find, has just the right amount, and
lack, of features.

When I'm not trying to emulate the desktop look of IRIX, there's some shell
scripting I like to work on. Things like automating a Hyperbola install, so I
can install it without an internet connection. Or,putting together a script to
automate the creation of JWM themes. Or for screenshots. Fooling around with
`dialog` and `gxmessage` for (crappy) Choose Your Own Adventure "stories" - of
which Ren'Py would probably be a better avenue.

Sometimes I wonder about how I can emulate the (in my opinion) poorly done
"hacking" scenes in films with a cheap script to display random text because you
"got hacked".

Sometimes I like to see if I can get packages like Trigger Rally to compile. Or
recently, I was running into errors running Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (DCSS),
version 0.25.0. This lead me into a rabbit hole (?) of wondering what I can do
to speed up the package building time. Turns out that `make` has a "-j"
argument; building time just went from about 20 minutes, down to 6.

Beyond goofing around with source code (like a monkey with a wrench), I once
tried my hand at creating my own (mouse) cursor set; one of which I would reckon
was comically uncouth. And although I am a complete cherry, I've been attempting
now and again, to learn some/more languages, mostly being C, Python, and Lua.

So when I'm not wondering how a programme works or something about how computers
work, then Minetest can be entertaining, especially when you get around to using
some mods (Mineclone comes to mind, https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?t=16407)
And although my efficiency is likely abysmal, I try my hand Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
(DCSS). Those two are the ones I probably play the most.

And in the off chance I feel like taking in a film, I like to go for a website
in which I can use local software, such as `mpv`, to watch the content. And if I
may, Tubi (https://tubitv.com/) is good example, I find, where I'm not
subjugated to their website's method of playing videos.

And although in the past I have spent/wasted too much time (upwards of 15 hours
a day) playing proprietary games (and thus have a good idea of the allure of
it), I've virtually given up on that nonsense. But every couple months, we want
to fire up an emulator, and maybe say, play Pokemon, while watching episodes of
Pokemon, for example.

Did I have fun spending 8 hours straight in a single server with "Day of Defeat:
Source" and maybe still have the sad screenshot to remember it by? I guess so.
But one day, I guess I just realised that it's a waste of time.

I can't say freedom respecting games are a waste of time, however. It allows me
to get curious and look at the source code; ask myself, although I have no idea
what I'm doing, what could I tweak in this code and see what happens. Like with
DCSS - I followed the documentation to add a new background/class.

Which in a way, also gets me wondering how well some software is written. So I
like to get curious about things.

For example...

How many virtual desktops can I run on say, JWM or Fluxbox, and which will
crash first, the software, or my hardware?

What happens if I use `cat` on audio files?

How small is the JWM (verison 2.4.0) binary if I compile it without any options?
And what if I compile in all the options? It's about 930 KB and 1.3 MB,

How long would Linux-libre take to compile, and will I end up with a kernel that
totally sucks because I'm not too sure what I'm doing?

Why can't I seem to use a text based email client?

Tabs or spaces? Should I adhere to the four space indent as apparently
recommended by Python?

What happens if I up the limit of karts to about 100 on Super Tux Kart?

How well does Xonotic run on maximum graphical settings on an Intel i5 without a
video card? (Surprisingly well, I think.)

Should I limit my code lines to 72 spaces like Geany has by default? Eighty is
the standard, though? But what about Torvalds apparently saying that 80 is a
thing about the past. Okay,, so what people like myself that sometimes still work
in a virtual console and on occasion only have a small screen or mobile device
to work with?

So if I have three instances of DCSS compiling, how hot will my CPU get? Let's
reboot and max the fan speed out and check the temperature again.

Hey, let's see if we can get Android-x86 running on this hardware!

What operating system supports 32-bit and will actually show up in the BIOS to
boot from because this Proscan tablet running Windows is soaking up 50% of the
RAM, minimum, just to run idle, and Windows is completely useless on this thing?

Maybe I should post more on the forum, seeking and aiding the guidance of my
fellow Hyperbolians and not keep outtasight? Especially when for some reason ssh
seems to delay my boot times by about 5 minutes.

My apologies for having a hard time turning off my --verbose argument. This post
is the short version.



Re: Using 100% gnu endorsed distro - boring??

well once you get the fever, hacking becomes very fun. the endless needs of feeding your curiosity, and the triumph and glory in achieving your desire, thats very amazing

and i think, thats one of libre distros main selling point of being 100% libre, you can make it anything you want without limit and fear of closed source code

recently im succesfuly build a superlightweight desktop with icewm that consume less than 100mb ram, so light that it doesnt makes computer fan spin because the board always cool and never get exhausted, finally a near immortal green hardware tongue


Re: Using 100% gnu endorsed distro - boring??

Hmm, don't know if "selling point" is the best description, but that's another story and more a personal view about "free software" in an idealistic view. I'm curious about your setup and the used components for the IceWM-desktop. What services do you use therefore? Would be interesting especially for mobile systems.

Human being in favor with clear principles and so also for freedom in soft- and hardware!

Certainly anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices: For a life of every being full with peace and kindness, including diversity and freedom. Capitalism is destroying our minds, the planet itself and the universe in the end!