Topic: Hello and Happy New Year

Hello, I have just learned about the Hyperbola project today from an article in Techrights (techrights.org). Now I can't wait to lose half of my documents in a botched attempt to put them on a USB stick really really quickly - last time I managed to rewrite everything including my company accounting to the january 2019 state- only to be able to see what this operating system looks like and feels like. I am sorry to see what Linux kernel is becoming so I think the new project for a different kernel is really promising.

I live in Geneva Switzerland and came from a too long stay at the university (human sciences),  mainly putting off being an 'adult'. So finally because I did not want to climb a hierarchical academic ladder or to serve sandwiches in a fast food I am now a professional driver instead. (Low pay can be really offset by having a job that makes sense.) At the university I developed a violent case of allergy to Windows OS mainly because I had to fight with the OS and also with the 'antivirus' to be able to use my computer for a short while(before it froze again)- it was the 8 version that really went downhill. I even wasn't able to use Suse or such kind of distributions that looked too much like a windows desktop. While already rambling, I also think that the free software should not necessarily be 'gratis' but must always stick to the moral and ethical standard.

I will be trying this OS soon and in the meantime I wish you Hyperbola users and developers a very Happy New Year.

P.S. I also realized that nobody would probably say 'My windows' as I say 'My Debian, My Trisquel and My Emacs'. 'Cause even if you paid for it was never 'yours'.


Re: Hello and Happy New Year

First things first: Welcome and happy new year. You've mentioned the aspect for free software being "gratis", you mean therefore more or less without any kind of monetary background? For this I'd like to say that free software is more than this from my side as it is about technical emancipation. You are in command about the direction of the soft- and - idealistic speaking - hardware, no one else. Yes in some kind of idealistic approach the development can be done paid, but that's not like our system complex is working for now. There is nothing right in "capitalism" in generic, but this will take time to overcome the human approach of greed getting more a world where no one has to suffer. In this idealistic view empathy and solidarity are the complete base for everything. So free software and in general free culture has the possibility to get people in the position to handle for their own with everything. This cannot be done with known paradigm of paid or not paid - of course development takes time and also money so the community-approach is a good one. But to get free culture, soft- and hardware there has to be the question for the system around.

Human being in favor with clear principles and so also for freedom in soft- and hardware!

Certainly anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices: For a life of every being full with peace and kindness, including diversity and freedom. Capitalism is destroying our minds, the planet itself and the universe in the end!