Topic: Is Libreboot behind in development?

I was told that Libreboot is about 5 or so years behind Coreboot in development.
Is that so, isn't anyone working to maintain and update it?

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Re: Is Libreboot behind in development?

its true that libreboot didn't release anything in the last 4 years and 3 months but its not something that you would need to update every now and then the backdoor is closed and you just have a boot firmware that is opensource coreboot in the other hand have some closed source "Binary blobs"
but we will have a new relase verry soon you can also check there work Libreboot Git last change was 21 hours ago wink


Re: Is Libreboot behind in development?

As rached noted: Libreboot is in active development. Coreboot itself is a good platform for having devices newer like Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge or even more. The major problem are proprietary firmware-blobs being needed, even the Intel Management-Engine being more or less disabled makes it a compromise. A one to work with but the last research for the ThinkPad X220 being completely free with Libreboot was frozen as it is very complicated to find helpful possibilities. Being behind development is not a bad thing at all in this case! smile

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Re: Is Libreboot behind in development?

i asked leah and it looks like we will have 2 major releases in late february smile i dont have many details about what can be librebooted with that but new features are surely incoming, i cant wait to see whats there for my x200


Re: Is Libreboot behind in development?

I thought I might mention that Leah Rowe recently started a new project called
Retroboot. www.retroboot.org

As far as I know, it's like Libreboot but its more forgiving in that it allows some proprietary blobs so its supposed to be installed in anything that allows Coreboot.

Check it out for yourself.