Topic: How many of you support Richard Stallman

I want to know how many Hyperbola developers and contributors support Richard Stallman.

I know two of the developers are signed on open support latter but I want to know the opinion of remaining ones.

Please share your opinion on this as it is a very serious matter for me.

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Re: How many of you support Richard Stallman

Do you want to speak with the community of Hyperbola? And why this is serious matter? I don't think the forum or the project should be part of such a political wrong discussion, using the name of Hyperbola is just wrong. Just to say: The FSF itself and many within the community of free, libre software have ignored problems in many projects for decades, created therefore as disgusting and toxic environment. And instead going forward the board of directors elected Richard Stallman again in a complete opposite way of democratic viewpoints, meaning therefore the FSF-members especially. And to be clear for me as person: I will never support such a behaviour and also such a organization. It's not about the accusations towards Mr. Stallman direct, it's about the complete way to do it. No support and if the free, libre software is only possible with this person, if so many people have the understatement to follow just this name only, the idea of "free software" is not that strong as I've thought.

So my proposal: Leave this topic out of the forums, out of the community and talk directly to individuals. I don't think a discussion is needed to get people into some kind of "campaign": Either for or against establishing Mr. Stallman as president. That's an individual decision, but what some participants are doing now is the opposite, some kind of campaign against companies, groups and individuals for their demand to Mr. Stallman to step down from his position, declaring enemies with conspiracies, not needed from my point of view. If people here feel to support Stallman? Do so. If not, do it. What's not okay: Talking to others and get on with pressure towards them to "support". But whatever you think doing, make it out of clear motivations, not just because to run behind some name because you think you need to admire the person. For what? A human being like everyone, doing a great gift like Mr. Stallman did. But free software should be independent and strong for emancipation of all beings. Otherwise the free software-movement has in fact to reflect how independent they want to be. The idea is NOT dependent on just one person - or better to say: it should not dependent! And as own perspective: It was and is complete far away from democratic principles, also being part of freedom, to get Mr. Stallman again into the board of directors. Whatever the motivation was: The FSF has failed in many ways, just to name some: freedom to choose NOT installing packages like systemd, perspective towards bloatware coming up for environments, freedom to compile packages as users want and one more important the FSDG itself with distributions like PureOS and of course proprietary, mobile hardware as some recommendation in the past (Librem 5 to name). The FSF has failed to be talked about right away from essential points and instead they are now in the talks because of secret elections, strange decisions and Mr. Stallman with some of his statements, declaring complete ignorance, the complete absence of empathy to some kind of "philosophical underpinnings" and "linguistic purism", a bad joke. And I don't start mentioning some of the newer "movies" like "ShoeTool" presenting the always enemy-picture of the "bad industrial person" - while the FSF even doesn't be that into anticapitalistic motivation. Mixed up to draw the line: Not a good picture in the end, not clear and what should I await now? So I'll keep on focussed to say: The FSF has done bad in many ways, doing more the same now. Mr. Stallman got my respect for his work onto free software, but not for his own thoughts and his missing empathy. Therefore he is not good as spokesperson for an organization, while others seem to admire him instead of being critical respectful. A complete chaos, better to stay out of it.

Human being in favor with clear principles and so also for freedom in soft- and hardware!

Certainly anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices: For a life of every being full with peace and kindness, including diversity and freedom. Capitalism is destroying our minds, the planet itself and the universe in the end!

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Re: How many of you support Richard Stallman

I agree to disagree with throgh about rms and am editing my post accordingly.

I 1000% agree about keeping the issue out of the Hyperbola forums.

I was going to ask if it's a bug or a feature that Icedove-uxp (not Zapper's  portable version, but the one in the reps) doesn't save my sent emails an more, but I'll accept "it's an act of God for your own good" just fine if that will save you devs five minutes of hassle.

You're doing something huge for me, because I want something I don't know how to make. Go, you. And if you should fall, remember that I understand and I still appreciate all of our hard work.

Putting celebrities on pedestals isn't good for celebrities. You are just people, and, like other people I admire, you will always have a couch to crash on in an emergency. Dumb end users like me ARE what you have instead of 401Ks.

Just don't underestimate my gratitude, okay? There are too many mes in this world for rms or anyone else who has done something good with their life to need to worry about houselessness, starvation, or any of that bad stuff that doesn't apply to (rms, but also throgh, now that I think about it, and  mostly the member of the forum who knows who they are, because we do talk about personal things privately, but also c/o that poster to LXO, Emulatorman, everybody who is working on Hyperbola and/or would ever even see this anyway, so ban me if you must, but I needed to write this to a collective) you.