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Topic: How to start programming??


I really enjoy using Hyperbola Gnu/Linux. What got me is iceweasel-uxp with noscript addon, to me this is ultra secure secure setup and makes web browsing a joy!!! Also i bought new battery for my libreboot, iceweasel is not so heavy on resources i can browse web for 4-5 hours before battery discharges!! smile

So i know how to install basic hyperbola, i managed to setup some basic openbox desktop (i use tint2 firetools feh). I am quite comfortable with command lines too...

But i know nothing about stuff like automatic tasks or anything... I don't have idea what i could let's say write scripts for or what stuff program...
I tried to learn bash scripting, downloaded some .pdf but i easily get distracted...

I simply look for some ideas, what should i learn something that is new to me and will be useful?? But what it would be useful for??

Command lines and linux came to me naturally, i used search engines a lot seeking solutions for certain stuff within 3 yrs of trying different distros taught me using command lines easy.
But people keep writing software, develop stuff and i don't know how to start to learn some basic concepts sad((

Pls might somebody give me some ideas or inspirations, if that's possible??

Thanks smile

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Re: How to start programming??

Heyho, perhaps a good starting point is to look at packages and creating patches for the first start. So meaning especially packages with proprietary interfaces. You can therefore create libre patches to remove them and create alternatives. Another alternative would be to look for upcoming sndio-support. So you could therefore create even more help for the community itself as first proposal! smile

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Re: How to start programming??

this should give you a nice roadmap

1.learn low level programs: cd, ls, echo, cat, grep, etc..

2.bash scripting

4.simple interface: zenity, ncurses, tcl

5.building: git, makepkg, pkgbuild

6. learn some language: python, html, ocaml

7. learn gui interfaces: tkinter, gtk, qt

8.observing programs sources and conf files and figure out how they works

9. creating patch or make your own programs

10. if you start feeling like a pro, try learn: vim, zsh/fish, i3/tiling window manager, some console programs


Re: How to start programming??

Creating patches, sure, but that sounds like a mystery to me ;oooo

Thanks for roadmap.
I know how to use these commands, maybe i should try to practise grep.
Bash scripting, i tried to find various guides on web about it but they easily put me off, i read introduction and then theory i see some examples then i stop.

It would be cool to have personal website

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