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Topic: Libreboot: Boot menu sometimes disappears

I'm just testing out my new Thinkpad W500 right now.

So far, I came across a little problem.
Sometimes, the Libreboot menu disappears as soon as it boots up,
so I can only see the nice picture of that penguin and water buffalo.

On a side note, I booted up Trisquel from a USB drive
but it froze on the loading screen.

Edit: I find that the first problem gets fixed if I manage to tap the up or down keys to navigate the boot menu as soon as the screen turns on. As for Trisquel, it's booted up fine now. I guess it was just a hiccup.

Some help please?


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Re: Libreboot: Boot menu sometimes disappears

probably an issue with init display mode.

newer libreboot releases (20210522) uses gfxinit which in my opinion is not very stable, im experiencing some glicth as well some boot font not properly displayed on thinkpad x200.

older ones use vesafb, vgarom, etc wich is more stable but also can be buggy sometimes, depending on what hardware you installed libreboot on.

you can try your luck by flashing different libreboot rom version, each have its own bug and features (read your libreboot releases note) pick one you think best.

or dont use init display anyway, they re mostly buggy for now. use standard txt mode libreboot rom version, they less likely contains glicthes.