Re: Anyone heard of Retrofreedom?

Crossing fingers for you, people. Keep updates here for it is interesting to know! smile

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Re: Anyone heard of Retrofreedom?

thinkbad wrote:

I'm still waiting for it! The international shipping these days lasts forever... But it seems I'll have it this week.
You didn't mention a flat cable, it won't be easy for you with a standard one, maybe you'll need to break a bottom case a little bit.

well they will take two months to be here, so if you will have them this week share all details and if i have something missing i will order it, but the idea is to remove the cable protection from the Micro SATA 1.8 Inch to USB 2.0 Adapter to make it small and fits in place.

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Re: Anyone heard of Retrofreedom?

I've just made a new topic about that stuff! Here we go https://forums.hyperbola.info/viewtopic … 2925#p2925