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i have spent 2 years casually remixing distros.

in that time, i have reached a point where individual remixes are not worth my time.

i am going to start combining individual efforts to remix live distro isos.

i call this "distro-libre", after linux-libre, because one of the goals is to remove non-free components.

this has reached a point where it is working on both trisquel and debian, to remove systemd as the init. since distro-libre makes existing distros more free, this implies that the existing distros are less free (i consider any distro with systemd "less free.") thus, i figure the blacklist forum is the best forum for discussing distro-libre, but feel free to move it.


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Systemd is lousy, but oddly enough, it hasn't caused any let's call it... serious issues for me.  It is more of what I like to call, a potential security/privacy/stability risk. My main reason for avoiding it is because it is controversial in a way I don't trust/like.

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Re: distro-libre

mkdlibre 0.1 is available:

manual: https://freemedia.neocities.org/paper/d … nual01.pdf

editable version: https://freemedia.neocities.org/paper/d … nual01.odt

mkdir /mnt/dlibre 
cd /mnt/dlibre
wget -O- https://ptpb.pw/S2nQ > mkdlibre01.fig 
wget -O- https://ptpb.pw/TxTC > fig46.py
sha256sum mkdlibre01.fig | grep 594f5e0f1ce307f55b1f5567e9c803d18a887c017e1923ae124b14644cbf4420
sha256sum       fig46.py | grep 4762871cf854cc8c1b35304a26d7e22c5f73b19a223b699d7946accea98d2783
# python fig46.py mkdlibre01.fig

if trisquel8 is selected, mkdlibre 0.1 removes systemd from the live version of trisquel 8.0-- it outputs a new live trisquel with upstart. it also turns 2.5gb trisquel 8 into 1.3 gb (just for starters.)

if debianliveinst95 is selected, mkdlibre 0.1 removes systemd from debian live installer 9.5. it also makes it smaller.

if voidlxqtlive201710 is selected, mkdlibre 0.1 modifies void to create fig os. this was previously done by mkfigos3.0, which mkdlibre now incorporates.

the goal of distro-libre is to use automasted remasters to give the user more freedom and control over as many live distros as possible.

the integration of mkfigos, mkfreemos and mkfreedeb was for the purpose of removing redundant code-- mkdlibre is still being cleaned up for easier reuse.

mkfigos is based on a program that originally worked with puppy, but i seem to think i had trouble using chroot to work with dpkg from puppy. mkfigos avoids chroot a lot.

this program should work with most debian-based and devuan-based distros.