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Topic: Android emulation

Hi all . Please tell me what program can I use to emulate the screen?

There is a good program Scrcpy but its not in the Hyperbola repository, I found an alternative on Github -QtScrcpy  =>  https://github.com/barry-ran/QtScrcpy

QtScrcpy supports displaying and controlling Android devices via USB or over network. It does NOT require root privileges.

All dependencies are in the Hyperbola repositories. Can  i ask the developers to include this program in the next release, as was done with the peek (gif recorder) program at my request))

QtScrcpy (language-C++ ,build -qmake or CMake , ui -qt, video encode -ffmpeg ,video render-opengl,cross-platform-provided by Qt)

Arch Linux Users:

Install packages: base-devel cmake qt5-base qt5-multimedia qt5-x11extras (qtcreator is recommended)

Clone the project:

git clone --recurse-submodules git@github.com:barry-ran/QtScrcpy.git
 ./ci/linux/build_for_linux.sh "Release"


Re: Android emulation

You can always modify your installation as you like. But we are heading towards HyperbolaBSD and want for sure not to enhance the offered packages for our system in this step as we do the opposite and try to get rid of as much packages as possible for a minimalistic system. Also to note that Android is heavy based on Java / Kotlin and the toolsets around are to be build in GO.

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Re: Android emulation

Hello Cynicfm. I meant this =>  scrcpy (short for "screen copy") is a free and open-source screen mirroring application that allows control of an Android device from a desktop computer.[1] The software is developed by Genymobile SAS, a company which develops Android emulator Genymotion.[2]

Hello Throgh . Got you, I'll try it myself...