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Topic: Hyperbola and Arch

Throgh you constantly write here on the forum that Hyperbola is not Arch, I ask you not to compare, etc.

First of all, you need to report this to the Arch wiki, which users see and then write here, first you and the team need to write to FSF and other sources where this is mentioned, and lastly to users, why? That's why =>  https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Arch-b … tributions

Arch-based distributions

   Crystal Linux *2022
   EndeavourOS *2019
   Garuda Linux *2020
=> Hyperbola *2017  <=
     instantOS *2019


Re: Hyperbola and Arch

That was done already. If people do not react we cannot do anything about that. Last warning, jim: You do not bring threads off-topic and if you try again to post into other threads now I will split again those postings out. Stop off-topic, support if you want: When you see seomething you can point on the information here and we can get into talks. But it is NOT my task and NOT our task to run behind what others may think about us or how they want to see that project. If they are not willing to get in touch? Okay, cool.

Thread closed.

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