Topic: i wrote the trisquel community a book

this community may gain more from it, who knows.

the pdf is here: https://ia601507.us.archive.org/18/item … _draft.pdf

if you would like to load it in libreoffice (or unzip it and play with the xml) the odt is the same address with odt instead of pdf: https://ia601507.us.archive.org/18/item … _draft.odt

the license (waiver) is cc0. referring to a copyright waiver a license is technically incorrect, at least most of the time. but since cc0 is a fallback license and a waiver, both terms fit.

the book is not long, the nanowrimo competition aims for 50,000 words. this one has 17,000. it would print (double sided) on 20 pieces of standard paper.

Church of Emacs 2.0

A sort of Vatican 2.0 for the Church of Emacs

Third Draft Version, Sept. 2018

License: Creative Commons CC0 1.0 (Public Domain)

Preface: Short Books

Chapter 1: Why Even Bother?
Chapter 2: Trolls Rule The Earth
Chapter 3: GNU Who?
Chapter 4: Teaching Everyone How To Code
Chapter 5: Other Paths with Education and Free Software Advocacy
Chapter 6: distro-libre, Reinventing the bootdisk and casually remixing free software
Chapter 7: Moving past lost opportunities with Free Culture
Chapter 8: What to do with this book

(A few pages of) Bonus Padding Material!

happy coding.


Re: i wrote the trisquel community a book

Thank you, that is good read. Here are few of my comments.

- I suggest using a graphical page with title, some nice drawing, anything

- I would introduce RMS properly with the title and full name and credit him for what he has done

- I would give link to free software distributions and GNU.org websites, even I think I have seen several links, don't mind this