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Topic: drawbridges to freedom

greetings from freedom castle. we have many inhabitants and our numbers are always growing.

do not be bothered by the moat; if you cannot swim, there are a series of drawbridges to help get you here.

the drawbridges are an interesting feature of freedom castle. like the staircases in harry potter, they are known for moving around. they never go far, but they do not inspire confidence in everyone.

there is some debate about which way the drawbridges should be constructed and operated.

the king of the castle insists that we not put up too many bridges. the distance to the castle should be ever shorter, so everyone can enjoy freedom. if the distance to freedom castle gets too long, we can retract a bridge or two. after all-- if you arent willing to make a leap of faith, you might never get here.

the rivals of the castle insist we should put up more bridges-- why not 1000 bridges? we can put most of them one after the other, ensuring that the path to freedom castle is always on foot.

the rivals of the castle dont care if the bridge gets longer and longer, or if it is built much farther back than built ahead-- if the bridge gets to be a thousand-mile journey, thats ok-- the rivals of the castle really only care about bridges and little else.

we might be able to make all the bridges shorter by constructing miniature wormholes. those who can swim have had nearly zero issues crossing the moat so far, although some are understandably a bit cold and damp.

we could run a ferry...

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