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Topic: i have tried hyperbola... i am still tired of distros

whoa, youre expecting a complaint here. thats not where this is going.

look, ive never been a huge fan of arch. its not really arch. its pacman. i dont like zsh either. no, i dont want to zsh at all. i understand its better. lots of people say yeah, zsh. just not me.

after 10 years of gnu/linux, i want python and bash and not whatever wm this is... oh, i had to install xorg-server. and xorg-xinit, which in debian-land is just called "xinit."

ok, i dont like this per se.

of course you think its a complaint. not only a complaint, but worse-- a complaint youre used to hearing from someone who insists on using arch but doesnt want to bother to learn arch.

im sorry.

but a complaint would mean i expect different. i really dont.

a complaint would also imply im unhappy. im really not unhappy though.

the reason im not unhappy, is this is probably the best arch-based distro in years. id certainly take it over the "thing" that arch is now.

so im proud of you guys.

the preferences i have that dont fit hyperbola, or the ways in which hyperbola doesnt fit my preferences, i can probably fix those.

one thing id like is bash as the default, but i can do that.

id like python 2 added by default, but i can do that.

id like xorg installed... i think i can do that (its running. i install icewm too. i cant figure out what wm youre using yet, but i can definitely do that!)

a boot message tells me the network needs to be setup, but its already running dhcp, and its working. it wouldnt be if i used wireless. im definitely ok with that.

id like a universal package management option-- i suppose guix is one. i doubt it is going to be easier than using pacman again (many years since the previous time.) https://www.gnu.org/software/guix/manua … ation.html

why do i want a universal package management option?

because everyone doesnt use apt, and apt has some issues either way.

basically ive spoiled myself with freedom.

i can take almost any distro i want and shoehorn it into the configuration i like. i can change the live version to include and exclude what i want. i can remaster automatically.

in many ways i have moved past the distro concept.

not entirely.

but youve got open-rc, thats cool. that i wouldnt change. i dont know a thing about it, except i think obarun uses it too. theyre 64-bit only though. i still do 32.

im actually quite pleased with hyperbola.

i cant use this exactly like it is, but i can fix that easily enough, i think. im eager to add it to the list of "source distros" that become "output isos" through the magic of distro-libre.

so, let me honestly say: best arch-based distro ever. im not making a joke. im completely serious.

and i kind of need an arch-based distro, for reasons that will only take more time to explain. so thanks very much.

keep up the good work. i dont think id personally want to do the hard work of any of what youve accomplished here, and thats where you guys enter the picture. cheers.


Re: i have tried hyperbola... i am still tired of distros

Guix is nice, but not nice for people who do not have bandwidh as those in developed countries. I am myself from Europe, would I live in Europe, I would use Guix. But it becomes impossible to use it in East Africa where Guix package manager is downloading so many new files, and then also compiling it in front of my eyes.

Sure I like compiling from sources, that is nice, but then I must be ready with Internet data and peaceful place of work. It does not work in majority of world areas. One cannot just download gigabytes of stuff, especially when one needs to simply update one package, Guix may pull so many other packages, it is also spending much of disk drive. Guix is not for common people.

And supporting Guix maintainers is for me out of question since they are traitors and are punishing RMS for thoughtcrime without evidence, without facts, for reasons of jokes or his personal statements. That is serious issue that comes to my mind, if people in Guix do not have reason, do not have sound mind to compare what RMS did for society and they value abort() joke more than what he did for freedom in society, then I do not trust Guix and never will for as long as Ludovick Courtes and other traitors are leading there.


Re: i have tried hyperbola... i am still tired of distros

There is not much option these days. Hyperbola is really the last hope. The only concern I have is on the long-term side, as there are so much stuff to fix and implement..  and the team is quite small, I really hope the burden to maintain so much stuff will not cause serious headache !

I completely abandonned the other distro I was using previously (Debian) because of the systemd inferno , now I use Hyperbola and a Gentoo install to play around (it runs a custom libre kernel and fully removed "bloat" (dbus, polkit, systemd, libdaemon, dconf, gconf etc.. there is so much useless crap)
I really like that Hyperbola team is heading toward the setup I managed to achieve with Gentoo. Removing as much bloat as possible and secure the whole thing.