Topic: Installing Radicale with OpenRC

Hello together,

I was missing Radicale as server for CalDAV and CardDAV, so I had done some research resulting in building my own package. Perhaps this could be helpful for others interested.

First things first: I'm using the official package from Arch Linux: https://git.archlinux.org/svntogit/comm … s/radicale

As to view under the source link this package is using systemd-architecture, so I had to modify the package-build and create compatible scripts with OpenRC.

The PKGBUILD-file from the concurrent version on my homeserver:

# Maintainer: Moritz Lipp <mlq@pwmt.org>
# Co-Maintainer: fordprefect <fordprefect@dukun.de>
# Contributor: Thor77 <thor77@thor77.org>

pkgdesc='Simple calendar (CalDAV) and contact (CardDAV) server'
depends=('python-bcrypt' 'python-passlib' 'python-setuptools' 'python-vobject')
checkdepends=('python-bcrypt' 'python-pytest-cov' 'python-pytest-flake8' 'python-pytest-isort' 'python-pytest-runner')

prepare() {
  mv -v ${_name}-${pkgver} ${pkgname}-${pkgver}
  cd ${pkgname}-${pkgver}
  # removing version pinning, as we are rolling release
  # expect to hit bugs!
  sed -e 's/vobject\=\=0\.9\.5/vobject/' \
      -e 's/python-dateutil\=\=2\.6\.1/python-dateutil/' \
      -i setup.py

build() {
  cd "${pkgname}-${pkgver}"
  python setup.py build

package() {
  cd "${pkgname}-${pkgver}"
  python setup.py install --skip-build \
    --optimize=1 \
    --prefix=/usr \
    # config
    install -vDm 644 config "${pkgdir}/etc/${pkgname}/config"
    # fcgi/wsgi
    install -t "${pkgdir}/usr/share/${pkgname}/" \
      -vDm 644 "${pkgname}.fcgi" \
      -vDm 644 "${pkgname}.wsgi"
    # systemd service
    install -vDm 755 "${srcdir}/${pkgname}.initd" \
    # sysusers.d
    install -vDm 644 "${srcdir}/${pkgname}-sysusers.conf" \
    # tmpfiles.d
    install -vDm 644 "${srcdir}/${pkgname}-tmpfiles.conf" \
    # docs
    install -t "${pkgdir}/usr/share/doc/${pkgname}/" -vDm 644 {NEWS,README}.md

Followed up is now the init-script for OpenRC:

# Copyright 1999-2012 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2


depend() {
    use net
    need localmount

Of course you also need the other files to download, otherwise makepkg won't startup building the package. But after installation with pacman -U the new service can be used with OpenRC.

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