Topic: [Proposal] Building own subfolders for every release

Hello together,

as stated within the subject I would like to talk about a proposal regarding the structure for the repository. For now we have "stable" and "testing". What about a little change within and making folders for every new stable release? Meaning the concurrent "stable" would be "current-stable" and with the release of version 0.4 it would become "0.3" while "current-stable" is now version 0.4. With every new release we would have some kind of freezing for the current state of the repository and older ISO-images could be also used without problems - done this with my personal mirror.

The folder structure would be therefore:


I know this would need a whole more amount of capacity regarding hosted mirrors, but it could be therefore another slightly different approach making Hyperbola more understandable for new users. But this is just my view and those thoughts are of course just imprecise for now therefore marked as proposal with further dicussion. What do you think about it, community?

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