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Topic: DKMS and b2sum issues

Hello everyone,

When I try to install DKMS kernel modules using AUR PKGBUILDS (e.g. exfat-dkms-git) I need to create a symbolic link to the Linux modules directory as DKMS does not add the modules to the kernel.

In order to fix the issue I run the command ""sudo ln -s /lib/modules/4.9.218-gnu-1-lts/ /usr/lib/modules/".

After doing that I can manually install the DKMS modules using "sudo dkms install".

I use the DKMS module exfat-dkms-git as the packaged exfat-utils does not mount the ExFAT drives automatically.  I opened an issue about it.

https://issues.hyperbola.info/index.php … sk_id=1434

Is it possible that future kernel releases will include or symlink the kernel modules in the /usr/lib/modules/ directory?

I also encountered another new issue recently.

Many AUR PKGBUILDS now use b2sum to verify source files but b2sum source verification is not supported by the version of pacman packaged in Hyperbola. Is it possible to add b2sum support to the current pacman (of course I can manually b2sum check the files and replace them with e.g. sha512sums but it is cumbersome)?