Topic: Runit addition?

I wondered if anyone could make that as an option over openrc.  I have heard it is more secure than openrc.

voidlinux's version would be the one you would want to adopt though most likely. Which would require some skills to do. 

I know the hyperbola devs have a lot of work to do, is there anyone who would be willing to do port runit and it's init to Hyperbola?

PS, I know this would take some hard work, but making it so you could use both, or change between the two easily would be awesome. 

I do want to use runit also because its faster too.  Anyways, long story short, let me know if you plan to do this, and I can run a vm with your test images if you want.

But yeah, don't bug the developers about this if possible, unless you completely have it ready to be ported to their standards. wink

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