Re: no update ?

cynicfm wrote:

I think that having updates have big psychological effect
Everytime i write pacman -Syyu on obarun (i am dual booting obarun with hyperbola smile) and i can see new updates coming up it's like oh wow finally won't see any difference but updated wow nice!!!

Same thing for me with parabola. Dual booting is problematic wrt security so I use just 1 OS.

But we are wrong here. We feel like we're getting some new stuff whereas there's nothing new. Very occasionally there are some minor UI changes in my plasma which really matter in terms of feel.

Today, the forces which make richer and poor poorer have their roots in computer security. Never has it been more important to work towards abolishing the power of the powerful.

Let's use hyperbola or other libre OSes and strive towards stateless hardware (Rutkowska 2015). Let's use GNU/Linux phones and shun Android. Let's make our data available to everyone or else absolutely no one.