Topic: Tried Retroshare. Felt more lonely than Tom Hanks in Cast Away

Retroshare basically is a distributed platform for sharing as throgh pointed out. It has a ton of dependencies and is interesting.

But there's no way to connect to people already on retroshare except by knowing them personally. Anyone here on Hyperbola on retroshare?


Re: Tried Retroshare. Felt more lonely than Tom Hanks in Cast Away

In my experience many years ago, the difficulty of establishing a connection with other known parties was too much. However, even if it has improved since then, I'm still waiting for Secushare. There is a nice comparison chart here and RetroShare is mentioned. https://secushare.org/comparison

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Re: Tried Retroshare. Felt more lonely than Tom Hanks in Cast Away

Current status of anonymous file sharing - most secure thing you can do in 2 steps,
considering global mass surveillance of  the Five Eyes:
1. Using Freifunk for building up a wireless hardware community network
2. Using either GNUnet/secushare or Freenet for building up a software friend-to-friend darknet,
on top of said wireless hardware community network
Both is Free Software, GNUnet though uses the Free Software License, which
not only respects users' freedom and community, but also defends it the most:
GNU AGPLv3 or later.

Having lower security demands, raises the question:
If not Freifunk + GNUnet or Freenet, then why not simply aMule or torrents?
Same low security level as retroshare, much more popular,
leading up to more users, more content, more availability. Loneliness problem solved.