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Topic: which micro PCIe wifi card supported by hyperbola?

Or recomend alternative wireless connection ways


Re: which micro PCIe wifi card supported by hyperbola?

You have said that you are using a Thinkpad T440. Please be therefore aware: You cannot exchange the wifi-card as the non-free BIOS won't let you do that. When you use Coreboot for example already: Yes, this is possible. Nevertheless: Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter

The point being: When you exchange the wifi-card, it can happen that the UEFI-BIOS won't further startup until you remove the card again. The reasoning therefore: Lenovo is using a blacklisting and so far my experiences with this showed a concurrent listing for Atheros-cards.

The alternative would be the usage of an USB-adapter with Atheros AR9271, for example from TP-Link.

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