Topic: [HyperbolaBSD] Support for CPU-architectures

Hello together,

we think it is about time to clear up this point: HyperbolaBSD will be ONLY supporting the x86-platform!
Even though right from the start we first will even go with x86_64 (64bit) for further implementation and enhancments. 32bit can get there later on.

Nevertheless overall here in the forums people write down wishes for other CPU-architectures and more. So we make this clear: This won't be there at a point without further financial support and donations. Please respect that we are only a small team and we cannot work full-time on so many different architectures. It took a long time even to get towards the point we are for now with porting and we won't make any kind of further tryout to get this bigger as we can manage.

So again: No further CPU-architectures are planned for HyperbolaBSD!
You want more? You have time to support us implementing and testing? Feel welcome. But please no further illusions and dreamcastle-constructions with hearsaying about possible platforms. And remember that Hyperbola is free and libre software: So you can always take the code and startup with poring-efforts. For more CPU-architectures there is also hardware needed.

Thank you! smile

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