Topic: Celebrate Hyperbola's 6th year alive!

Glad it has been around as long as it had. I didn't get into it till the FDE + /Boot
Guide came out, but been using it since

I am glad I supported this cause as long as I have and not continued to feed any squids who have already enough shark meat stored up for the next 20+ years.

Thank you devs for being tireless in your work in spite of the obstacles that kept being pushed your way when other groups turned their back when they could have helped, even via money if need be.

Anywho, have a good one all.

Also I thank megver, otherwise I would have given up on Arch based distros way longer and maybe HyperbolaBSD never would have been conceived.

The long answer as to why? Too long
The short answer? I put in the i915 modules in the mkinitcpio and forgot to remove the apostrophes and he helped me realize that was the problem blocking me from success.

HyperbolaBSD: The Future of Secure Libre Lightweight Operating Systems!