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Topic: problem with characters on the terminal

hello i post here in the place of quiliro cause he doesn't use the forum
the problem is wen he type for example ĉ he get ^c
and ŭ appears as ~u but strangely ñ and á appear perfectly well


Re: problem with characters on the terminal

I think he should try all the keymaps for his location in order to see if any of them can solve the issue. In case none of the keymaps work perfectly for his keyboard, then he can try to modify one of the existing keymaps in usr/share/kbd/keymaps (note: the keymap to be modified needs to be decompressed with "gzip -d" first). There's a manpage for this (man keymaps)

In my case, I had to manually modify the Brazilian keymap I was using in order to make the backslash key work, but thankfully there were more than one Brazilian keymaps so I was able to just copy the code from the keymap that had a working backslash key.

The Romanian keymaps ro.map and ro_std.map have commands for the input of special characters through AltGr, so you two might be interested in studying them.

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