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Topic: rc-service dmcypt and lvm

Here on the forum and in the guides you can read that you need to install and run service dmcypt and lvm.
If dmcrypt I understand what it is, and what it is needed for (if you don't know what it is for it means that you don't need it)
I have no idea what LVM is for, I have several encrypted installations with LVM, I don't have RC-Service LVM anywhere, and Hyperbola works.
What is LVM and why should I run it?


Re: rc-service dmcypt and lvm

Hello. What is LVM and why should I run it?   => https://opensource.com/business/16/9/li … -guide-lvm


Re: rc-service dmcypt and lvm

The question was not what LVM is, but what gives me the launch of rc-service lvm. Since everything works without starting.


Re: rc-service dmcypt and lvm

Hello, if you want to use Hyperbola as system for creating a NAS for example you will need lvm to manage the disks for mirroring, striping which offer advantages such as additional resilliance and performance. Also managing logical volumes for later resizing is done with this service and its management-interfaces. Hope this helps a bit more as explanation.

You do not need lvm running when you have no plans about using logical volumes or building a NAS or a fileserver with Hyperbola as system.

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