Topic: [Hyperbola] Guide for posting issues in the forums

Title of your report: Needs to be short but also clear.

Description: Please provide here a clear description of what you have discovered, include also examples of the problem.

Additional information: You can add also links for files or pictures.

Steps to reproduce: List of commands or clear handling to reproduce the problem.

Generic also help with any information you think needed so people can help and support you solving the problem you have encountered. Perhaps this is not even a bug or issue and you just need to adjust a configuration-parameter or add a group-membership for missing access-rights. Do not open reports or forum-threads and leave them afterwards for the community to react on without reporting back! If you leave information blank and they are nevertheless needed for working, we will close threads created immediately without any further feedback.

Human being in favor with clear principles and so also for freedom in soft- and hardware!

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