Topic: Setting up and customizing DWM and DWMblocks.

Hi all . I would like to touch on the topic of setting up DWM and DWMblocks.

I think HyperbolaBSD and DWM are a very good example of a minimalistic dynamic window manager for X and a free distro with good memory usage, which is important for laptops like the T200 or T400 that have Libreboot installed.

As the practice of using DWMblocks shows, the use of a large number of indicators on the panel

not the best solution (screenshot below from luke Smith) so users choose the number of indicators based on their preferences.

Below is my list of scripts, which I think will be useful to everyone; everyone will choose their own script to install at their own discretion.

I suggest DWMblocks users post links to scripts or scripts so that other users who want to install DWMblocks

could come here and find them.

I’m also attaching a good Heckley example in terms of setting up a bar.


1. Date and time.

2. Brightness adjustment

3. Sound adjustment (turn on | turn off | mute)

4. CPU temperature

5. USB mounting

6. Memory usage.

7. Change language

8 Battery

9. Network speed

10.VPN | W-FI  | Ethernet | ip


1. Weather

2. Biitcoin rate

3. Number of installed packages

4. Amount of free disk space.

5. Clickable statusbar

6. Checking mail

7. Music player (display: play, pause, forward, backward)

8. Torrent


10. RSS

11. Tox client | xmpp client

https://send.vis.ee/download/409fb44f9e … kZ2DCJ5kPA


https://send.vis.ee/download/ed45636c43 … FlQiX1nbmg

I don't know how to attach a file here, I had to upload...


Re: Setting up and customizing DWM and DWMblocks.

I found useful scripts for almost all of them and even more examples on github, below is a link to them, I think they are well written. GNU GPLv3

https://github.com/joestandring/dwm-bar … -functions

The only thing I can’t understand is how in the future all HyperbolaBSD users will use the settings, for example OpenBSD is different from Arch Linux or Parabola))