Topic: Removal of Flatpak from repositories


I think the package flatpak should be removed from the repositores. In fact there is access to prpprietary software. The other alternative: Disabling the access to the so-called Flathub, so applications like Steam (https://flathub.org/apps/details/com.va … ware.Steam) have no further possibility to be deployed and it is up to the users modifiying the system instead giving them an easier way to do this. What do you think about it?


Re: Removal of Flatpak from repositories

If flatpak is not offering proprietary software in its sources or text files, it is fine.

If it does offer it, then I would patch flatpak and retain it.

If it just offers access to online repositories, I would leave it, as even pacman can be used to access proprietary software, it is matter of configuring it and providing proprietary software. There are many other package managers that can pull proprietary software if configured.

I would keep flatpak for reason that it is special package manager, or application provider and it is free software.

The fact that Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre is very much free software oriented is the one that will keep people from proprietary software. So it is not necessary to remove flatpak

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Re: Removal of Flatpak from repositories

When there is a repository or better called hub only with free, libre packages there is no problem. But there is nothing more than Flathub. Besides there  has to be something build from ground up first, for example like F-Droid. So flatpak was removed with very good reasoning, my thoughts about it. No free, libre way? No integration into a libre distribution, because it's all about the decision of the users. And when the users think they should install proprietary packages like Steam or Spotify they should take the work not the distribution giving them the easiest tools doing so.