Topic: FreeNAS or OpenMediaVault?

Yesterday, I was feeling interested in using a NAS storage so I looked up
on FreeNAS and OpenMediaVault.

As far as I know, they both have web-based interfaces.
FreeNAS is based on FreeBSD while OMV is based on Debian, which I'm more familiar with.
(Never touched BSD in my life)

Since OMV is built to be able to run on a Raspberry Pi, I presume that would be much lighter
on resources to run than FreeNAS which advertises some neat hardware like the FreeNAS Mini
that comes pre-installed with it.

But on the other hand, since it is based on Debian, it must still have systemD as its init system
but since it's only being used for storage within your home network, should I still be worried?


Re: FreeNAS or OpenMediaVault?

On my NAS, I don't need any webui to manage it, I think it is overkill.* And most other solutions uses systemd and/or openssl so currently my NAS runs Gentoo Hardened (because some packages I use, notably Docker, aren't available in Hyperbola) and it allows me to have a secure system with OpenRC, hardened toolchain, Libressl etc..

*I only need basic raid management (mdadm), and a couple of services (mpd, rtorrent..)