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Topic: Doas, a much more efficient and secure alternative to sudo!


Installing is very simple,

in the folder with your zip or tarrred folder of: https://github.com/slicer69/doas/archive/6.2p4.zip

type in bash,



sudo make install (ironic)

and it works well once you do, sudo nano /usr/local/etc/doas.conf and add 

permit your_user as wheel

to the config, whatever your username is...

Here is an example how to use it on linux systems,

doas -- pacman -Syu

The -- are needed after doas to make it function.

Also if your a creature of habit, using doas instead of sudo will seem odd at first. I just discovered this gem today, and it is under a libre license. permissive, but libre. smile

You can also use, this: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/doas

I prefer source usually though over arch.

But anyways if any user wants to make a pkgbuild of this and add it to the hyperbola repo, that would be lovely.

It is easy to install though.

But there is a caveat,  everytime you make a command, you must type your password in.  Unlike sudo where its once till you close terminal or for three minutes, etc... wink

By the way, if you use makepkg -i

when installing the aur version of doas,

in the folder you have with the aur doas pkgbuild, I am not certain, but it may be more efficent at getting some of this done.

Take your choice, smile

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