Topic: Will Hyperbola Last Forever?

So one reason I want to switch to Hyperbola is because I really like that the philosophies are sort of forward looking and not just the same old stuff as other distributions. it makes it really interesting.

I am wondering though, since there is such a small team working on it, how likely is Hyperbola to stop being supported in the future?

I would be really sad if I installed it and got used to it and then it stopped being supported. sad


Re: Will Hyperbola Last Forever?

It is a good question but I think the answer is just more complicated: So first thing from my personal point of view, Hyperbola is a quite robust and good distribution of free, libre software. I'm a user since version 0.2, so back in 2017 and I had less problems besides some missing package here and there. But there is the first point: Hyperbola is free and libre. So I can build on top of that, building even my own backported packages - right now with a little more actual glibc and gcc. Even if the GNU/Linux-libre is only supported until the EOL of the legacy kernel - which would more or less 2022 - we can trust on creating more out of it until the BSD-backend is ready for usage. The reasoning here is the simplicity of the packaging itself: Transparent and easy to understand.

And I think we have here a nice community, helping each other. So yes, most time not loud but onsite with tipps and tricks when something is not working right out of the box. Literally Hyperbola could "last forever" as long there is interest in clear principles of free, libre software itself. And Hyperbola is based on the community itself. So be welcome and give it a try! smile

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