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Topic: I tried xenocara-cwm

I tried calm window manager (xenocara-cwm) for two days. I think is a
excellent wm, it joins the benefits of openbox, i3 and ratpoison.

# example of cwm's keybinds
like openbox --> bind-key C-Tab "window-cycle"
like i3-wm --> bind-key 4-h "window-htile"
like ratpoison --> bind-key 4-Right "group-cycle"

Simple and very easy to configure. I like it very much.


Re: I tried xenocara-cwm

If I may, my $0.02 CAD is as follows:

I have spent aproximately the past two weeks or so trying out various window managers. I think I will be using Calm for the foreseeable future. I like the minimal dependencies, and simple configuration file. Having great trouble designing a Fluxbox theme I really like has probably aided me in this window manager conversion.

I have what I believe is an interesting solution to setting a random root window colour. The shell script I use is a little more verbose than the following, but is essentially as follows:

colour=$(tr -dc 'a-f0-9' < /dev/urandom | head -c 6
xsetroot -solid "#${colour}"

I like to bind the Alt key for changing root window colours, so my keybinding for the above looks somthing like the following:

bind-key M-backslash "/usr/local/bin/rwc"


Re: I tried xenocara-cwm

xenocara-twm works well too, maybe better.
xenocara-cwm has a problem with the libreoffice color's menu,
the cursor jumps when you press it.


Re: I tried xenocara-cwm

CWM with Abiword and Gnumeric works perfectly well.