Topic: external ntfs drive mounted read only

normally in arch installing ntfs-3g would fix the problem

but looks like in hyperbola the problem persist even with ntfs-3g installed

tested using mount command and via some file manager


Re: external ntfs drive mounted read only

doing this cumbersome trick somewhat temporary solve the problem

$ sudo pacman -S ntfs-3g
$ mkdir ~/mount
$ sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdXX
$ sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sdXX ~/mount

tough via gui tools and file managers it stay mounted read only


Re: external ntfs drive mounted read only

Have you tried mount.ntfs-3g via commandline and perhaps reconfigure GUI-elements and corresponding toolsets in the installed desktop-environment?

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Re: external ntfs drive mounted read only

mount.ntfs-3g / mount -t ntfs-3g -o , commandline works
[dikasetyaprayogi@localhost ~]$ sudo mount.ntfs-3g -o permissions /dev/sdb3 ~/mount
[sudo] password for dikasetyaprayogi:
Using default user mapping
[dikasetyaprayogi@localhost ~]$ cd ~/mount
[dikasetyaprayogi@localhost mount]$ cp ~/Downloads/Gallery.jpg ~/mount
[dikasetyaprayogi@localhost mount]$ ls

still in gui file manager / disk utility the problem persist (gtk / qt)
Error while copying to "exthdd"
The destination is read-only.
error opening file Gallery.jpg Input/output error

i guess its gui bug, unfornatunately i dont have many experiences dealing with guis sad
only happen with ntfs