Topic: Issues with "Beginners Guide"

YAY! I am writing this on my newly installed Hyperbola system! Hello to everyone!! big_smile It only took me 3 hours....

I have a two of issues with the "Beginners' Guide". I am not sure if this is the appropriate place for that, but I wanted to give some feedback.

1. First and most importantly, the beginners guide does not give instructions for setting up partitions for an SSD (I believe this is what the problem was). I practiced on an old laptop before moving my main computer to Hyperbola, which had an HDD. The partitioning was totally different!! I was able to figure it out myself but actually I am quite experienced with Linux at this point even though I haven't been using Arch. The beginners' guide should *at least* mention there is a difference for partitioning and installing GRUB if you want to use UEFI etc.

2. The Beginners' guide does not tell you how to connect to wifi. That one is pretty easy actually and necessary for a lot of people these days so it shoudl absolutely be mentioned in there!

P.S. I use xournalpp almost every day. Is there any chance it could be added to the repositories? Xournal is there but not Xournalpp. Xournalpp is way better (not really it just has more features). I want to get it installed using pacman. Is there a way I can add that myself? I don't know anything about that...

P.P.S Since I am working on a touchscreen really frequently, I was using xfce4-panel with i3 so that I could open programs using my stylus/finger. Does anyone have suggestions for how they make Hyperbola touchscreen-friendly without installing a whole stupid desktop environment?

Thanks in advance. And also great to meet everyone! I'm unreasonably excited about successfully installing things. smile smile smile


Re: Issues with "Beginners Guide"

You can compile your own package right out of the box using this PKGBUILD. Download the file into some dedicated folder and execute makepkg in your terminal.

Afterwards perhaps you need some additional packages and resolving therefore dependencies. When finished you can install your newly created package with:

sudo pacman -U [PKGNAME]

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Re: Issues with "Beginners Guide"

hey @rinakra how are you doing, havent seen you arround for a few weeks

Could you develop such issues so I can add it to the wiki. Cheers
the grub cfg issue that you are refering to is the command to install grub?