Topic: [Hyperbola] pacman not striping, solution found

As noted within a thread before (https://forums.hyperbola.info/viewtopic.php?id=889) our pacman-version has an issue with strip in the end of building. Nevertheless the reasoning is not the one called within this thread, we have found the solution as the scripting is at this point not compatible with the one for Hyperbola. The command file is failing. We will later commit our fix, when all tests went positive. Just to keep informed that 0.4.3 release will be nevertheless finished as planned and also include this fix and addition.

Conclusion: Hyperbola was, is and will be always community-oriented. So sure we do not ignore messages and communicate open and transparent. But instead of demanding we want to motivate every member to either share concrete solutions (no patches from elsewhere without own tests are not to be called solution), share results of own additions and packaging / ports or help and support as part of the team. We want to work together, not with some "demand and wait for results then". wink

https://git.hyperbola.info:50100/~team/ … 2eacc03116

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