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Topic: Seat management in Hyperbola.

Greetings to the Hyperbola community.

Since elogind (and thus systemd-logind) are not part of Hyperbola i wonder if the functionality of seat management is offered in Hyperbola.

By 'seat management functionality' i mean the ability to offer multiseat and multisession (with user switching) use cases and even  enhance security  in  in a single seat - single session setup by offering a different way to start a display server rather than as root , or by standard  linux user groups.


Re: Seat management in Hyperbola.

Xenocara is within parts very different towards Xorg and developed under the perspective of security perspectives. Nevertheless Hyperbola is not especially designed only for the desktop. Also we want to reach out more a common Unix-perspective and not only standard linux.

If you like to have multisession-support you can for sure take seatd (https://sr.ht/~kennylevinsen/seatd/) into perspective and go further developing and porting an own package on its base for Hyperbola. We would like to welcome those community-contributions.

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