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Hello community,

has anybody experienced problems with the named desktop-environments Budgie and Deepin? Both can be found with the repositories and both seem to have problems with OpenRC. For now I didn't manage to get for example Deepin running. After login nothing more happen. And Budgie has problems with another login and throws the user back while Gnome itself is functional. Are there any further possibilities to get those environments running?


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Well it seems there are a lot of problems with the dependencies to systemd regarding Deepin: https://classicforum.manjaro.org/index. … ic=32311.0

Wouldn't this be better to throw the concurrent packages out of the repositories?

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Re: Deepin and Budgie: Both broken?

theres a good starting place of a rule that if it works in bsd, it can work without systemd.

im completely unsympathetic to systemd fans that try to tie their desktop environment up with it, but i think there are very few of those. the only real example i can think of is gnome, and they really didnt do that as much as people think. not that i have any sympathy for gnome, at all.

unless theres something really gratuitous about budgie itself, id give it a chance before ditching it, even if its broken at the moment. why throw it out right now? in the long run, i think we would be better off without dbus too, but i doubt that concept is going to take hold (getting rid of dbus) even if it would be better. im sure we would lose a lot more applications that way.


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Nice, thanks. Perhaps a further article or collection would help regarding which environment can be used with OpenRC. For now I've tested:


Upcoming for next days also i3. But the listed run without further problems for now! Just tried also Budgie and Deepin, but both have real problems running. Budgie itself starts even without problems, but another logout and login brings up no further reaction while Deepin even shows nothing more than a blank screen.


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Deepin may have some spyware problems within it so it should be tossed out.


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zapper wrote:

Deepin may have some spyware problems within it so it should be tossed out.

Good point and I think this meta-package, including all other deepin-packages could be removed. Just noting, there are also problems with LXQT and LXDE but perhaps this could be indeed another complete new thread for desktops functional with OpenRC until now and those needing more work.