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Topic: OTP

Anyone knows if there is any OTP (one time password) generator program available in the Hyperbola repositories?

I am looking for something similar to the FreeOTP or AndOTP Android apps.

I already have them installed on my mobile but I would like to have something similar  available in my computer just in case that I eventually lose access to them through my mobile.

Thanks in advance for if you can give me some helpful advice with regard to this.

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Only this that I know of, but I don't know if it is completely free software...


Check to see if Hyperbola has that package or something similiar



its not there, but there might be others that are useful. Otherwise, you have to request it, i will update if i find one.

Although actually, I think one time password protection has limitations anyways... especially if it requires a phone number, etc...

As that would be easy for most people to crack.  Not that most people listen to this logic. 

most two account verifications aren't good unless you using a nitrokey based one. That's all I can think of literally...


if you interested...

https://shop.nitrokey.com/shop/product/ … ido-u2f-20

Though Nitrokey is free hardware, I recommend asking them questions before you buy.


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