Topic: HyperbolaBSD's method of software distribution

I have never been a BSD user, so I apologize in advance if my understanding of this subject is incorrect. I believe that in the BSD world, the typical method for distributing software updates, new software, etc. is to provide the source code (not binaries) in some centralized way and have some automated method for the downloading and compilation of source code into binaries by the end user. In contrast, the typical method in the Linux world has been to provide automated build systems to centrally compile from source, and the end user then downloads the binaries directly. With all of that said, what are the plans for HyperbolaBSD in this regard? I understand the renaming of the project is due to the usage of a forked BSD kernel, but are there plans to change to a BSD-style source distribution method, or will the Linux-style binary distribution method be used?


Re: HyperbolaBSD's method of software distribution

Hello, the planned method will be keeping our current way: We provide packages to download and install throughout hyperman (our hard-fork pacman). But the users will always be able to build their own packages local: Either throughout the provided packaging-scripts or doing their own ones with hypertools (our libretools-fork).

But what you mean is more the ports: So in the BSD-style it means most that there are for sure also packages for the system with a current stable release, example from OpenBSD (current):


And the basic operating-system comes within separated parts to download: kernel and userspace, sources and also x-server. Users can decide to run just the basic system or add a graphical instance. The ports are up to the users building, maintaining, fixing and more. And they are surely build local.

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