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Topic: GCC 6.3.0, "non-retpoline compiler", upgrade soon ?

GCC 6.3.0 has not been compiled with retpoline. Got this error when trying to compile a kernel with a .config file from an other setup. (Had to disable RETPOLINE option)
Will it be upgraded soon ? Do we have to wait for a new release with GCC version based on "Debian Buster" (which I assume shouldn't be long since Buster is freezed) or will it (6.3.0) receive an update before that ?



Re: GCC 6.3.0, "non-retpoline compiler", upgrade soon ?

This reply is months too late anyway but for the knowledge of those who come across this topis: it seems that Emulatorman updated gcc6' PKGBUILD with said backport as early as August 2018: https://git.hyperbola.info:50100/packag … 623ab0de81
Perhaps package built from that revision (1.hyperbola2) was not yet available in the repos at the time this question was asked? Idk. Anyway, I see that gcc 6.3.0 served by Hyperbola mirrors already supports retpoline smile

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