Topic: Hyperbola running on PC-Engines APU2C4 as homeserver


I want to give some insights running Hyperbola on the system named within the subject. First some more information: It is a single-board computer with pre-installed Coreboot as base. I'm using the version with 4 GB RAM so far and installed Hyperbola on a SSD mSata I've added later. Running perfectly for CalDAV, Mailing and some webservices. Would be therefore also interesting giving the scripts back I've written for Dovecot and Radicale so both can be run without problems on OpenRC. I'll keep you updated within this thread here but after even three months I can say: Hyperbola is running without problems as serversystem and therefore I'd like to prefer it for next year upgrade-cycle - when support for Ubuntu 14.04 is running out.

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