Re: The sad story about Purism and the Librem?

throgh wrote:

Okay, this is just no really new information as Purism is selling the (promise for) Librem 5 USA for a longer period of time now. But well, what's the problem with this? So first things first: Comparing the offerings:

Librem 5 for $749.00
Librem 5 USA for $1,999.00

Besides the question who in fact can offer just 2000 Dollar for a mobile device with telephone capabilities: Extra security only for people with a special amount of money and being able to afford that? So what about all others using the "default model"? And where are the differences?

That's the problem about Purism and therefore this device is running out of being believable, especially for freedom, privacy and security. Hardware done in the USA and the other one? Well, keep that for you, Purism. You are showing here exactly the major problem why companies and corporations are not able to understand ethics and handle everyone the same. Even showing such a plan is getting away every kind of credibility.

Even if it had risc-v and had every bit of software freed except the modem, I wouldn't buy something like that for that price. wink

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