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Topic: thinkpad x390, x220, t440p or t480 compatibility

Hi i want to buy thinkpad for hyperbola and i choose between x390 x220 t480 t440p, but i dont know is hardware of this laptops compatible with hypebola linux, can you pls answer me


Re: thinkpad x390, x220, t440p or t480 compatibility

And what about x220


Re: thinkpad x390, x220, t440p or t480 compatibility

Hey naizety, first and foremost important: Welcome to the forums! smile

To answer your question: Most of the named computer-systems should be compatible. But you need to know that the firmware on the mainboards is not very tolerant when it comes to other wifi-chips. To support wifi fully you need for sure a compatible card with for example Atheros and when you build them into most of the computer-systems will report back you have an "unsupported card inserted".

When you want therefore a complete freedom for your own choice the systems named would be reduced to:

x220 / x230

All of them are supported by Coreboot so far. Without a modified firmware (either Coreboot or something else) you would have problems with alternative wifi-cards inserted for sure. Without wifi all of them should nevertheless run!

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