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Topic: hyperbola first install experience

i am quite impressed by hyperbola!

it looks nice , package selection is great (some are quite old though - but that's the price of debian-stability wink )
((as for request for newer packages i would like a newer cryptsetup - the rest is (mostly) fine for me))

also the blacklist is great.

the installation was straight forward, but the wifi connection failed because the was no

nohook wpa_supplicant

in the dhcpcd.conf (or the dhcpcd-hook clobbers the wpa_supplicant config from before)

also i would like to mention that the dhcpcd-config leads to many data leaks, (vendoridclass is really bad - it sends os, kernel version etc.)
i guess the dhcpcd.conf is the vanilla one, but a commented line like this could be useful:

#uncomment this for a more privacy aware behaviour
#nooption 4 7 14 17 19 20 21 27 40 41 42 69 70 71 72 73 75 76
#nohook hostname

there is a package called dhcpcd_hardened (which calls /usr/libexec/dhcpcd/dhcpcd_hardened.sh
) to achieve this, but it seems really broken to me and i cannot recommend it, because it does tihs:

# This script wipes hostname and DUID so that DHCP can't send it over the network
echo 'hostname="localhost"' > /etc/conf.d/hostname
# Properly sets our new host in /etc/hosts file
sed -i '/\       localhost.localdomain   localhost 'localhost'' /etc/hosts
# Avoids need to reboot before showing our new hostname in terminals, etc
hostname localhost
# Delete DUID
rm -rf /etc/dhcpcd.duid

for avoiding DUID dhcpcd.conf tells us (send MAC-adress clientdid)

# Some non-RFC compliant DHCP servers do not reply with this set.
# In this case, comment out duid and enable clientid above.

thx and have a nice day!


Re: hyperbola first install experience

very usefull

im usually cheating with usb tethering connection to bypass all the fuss for first time install tough


Re: hyperbola first install experience

Thanks for the insights about dhcpcd and the configuration! big_smile

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