Topic: Errors in packages --populate and arch, unable to install.

Hi, I am new to this nice Hyperbola linux system

I don't know why I'm getting an error when I try to install this:

# pacman-key --populate hyperbola arch

So I keep getting errors even though the system is updated on this:

# pacman-key --populate hyperbola arch

In the following steps you can no longer install anything related to X.org, and any lightweight desktop environment known as xfce or lxde, you also can't install the graphical network management package, software to detect external devices.  I am testing on kvm/qemu virtualized machine, due to proprietary drivers. Can anyone help me?


Re: Errors in packages --populate and arch, unable to install.


Hyperbola is completely independent from Arch GNU/Linux. Please don't add "arch" towards this command.

# pacman-key --populate hyperbola
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