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Topic: Networking issue...

For some reason, I have not been able to get atheros wifi card working for longer than one boot up.

After that, I can't connect my device to my librecmc router.

BUT! This is where it gets weird, I can connect to non-libre networks. And,this is only on my X230.

On my T430, this issue is null and void. It's almost like this bug came from installation and if I had upgraded incrementally it wouldn't have happened.

It's just really annoying... to say the least.

Also as an edit I should mention, I haven't used my X230 in a while. I tend to doubt this is on your end due to the whole nature of your stability on installations.

But maybe I am wrong and something went undetected?

I think something else must be up, because I don't have this problem with my T430 and yet on my X230, even my usb dongles are doing this.

So... idk.

Doesn't matter which librecmc router either. I have one at a second location, same issue on both.

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Re: Networking issue...

You have not added anything where someone could help: Logs or possible configurations.
For version 0.4.3 nothing on kernel and / or drivers was changed. Also no service was changed!

With the information offered it is not possible to state anything and only with anecdotal evidence no one can help.
Please research on your own and offer more information when you are ready. I will close this thread therefore: You can create a new one with above information and more researches at any time. But please not scenarios or tales no one can rebuild for testing. Those do not help for solving possible issues you may have.

Last point noted: When you can connect to networks there is no issue within the system first and you should start to overlook your configuration on the mentioned routers, between those and the system and last but not least the installation you have done. Note also: https://forums.hyperbola.info/viewtopic.php?id=887

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