Topic: Single board computer for Hyperbola

Hi all . I would like to continue the topic Throgh => https://forums.hyperbola.info/viewtopic.php?id=143 regarding single-board computer computers.

Throgh please write in more detail (if possible) what board did you use to install ?

Maybe something in this regard https://www.okdo.com/getting-started/ge … ck-5b-sbc/ (when there is time) Is it 32 or 64 bit architecture?

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Re: Single board computer for Hyperbola

I think they would be willing to, but under one condition specifically:

They need way more donations.

If there is a second condition, they would also need said architecture hardware and if there is a third, to hire someone to develop HyperbolaBSD for said architecture. Unless you or someone on here is willing to do it for free. wink

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Re: Single board computer for Hyperbola

We do not need only donations but also hardware for working on and besides all: Cross-compiling later on for packages is also a point. So it is not that easy to manage. Neither ARM (ARM64) nor RISC-V are working that way and easy. And it is an illusion to state it would be possible with money alone.We need helping hands, hardware and more. So I will close this thread here: Discussions do not solve those points.

Instead there are multiple ways to help, like for example here or also here.

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