Re: Sharing information: About being believable!

Nice article, but I have some annotations: While the author has many valid points the major problem itself is not only the mobile hardware being not completely free. It is also about illusions: Where is the difference to use problematic services on a mobile or any other computing device out there? And there are many with no difference being decentralized or the other way around, proprietary or open. With nothing more to play with any kind of digital self-imagery and the ignorance to discuss both sides, the social and technical parts, there will be no further solution as noted here in the thread. Yes, being believable is being clear towards principles and approach to humanism. The article is therefore more focussed onto the technical part.

Don't get me wrong: Good and valid points. But it is just too easy only to look onto security. There is just more! smile
And speaking about security: You can protect every kind of data on the system, when you share everything about yourself to pretend something on services this won't protect nothing. And there are enough cheap, false promises: The first and best start of a secure approach is to ask what should be shared and what should kept away otherwise. So those mobile devices with telephony capabilities like Pinephone or Librem sounds all interesting, but nothing more and they could always fail with the wrong handling of users, just because of cheap promises and illusions.

Human being in favor with clear principles and so also for freedom in soft- and hardware!

Certainly anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices: For a life of every being full with peace and kindness, including diversity and freedom. Capitalism is destroying our minds, the planet itself and the universe in the end!